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Sanjeev Choithani – Counselor & Psychologist

Sanjeev Choithani: Psychologist & Counselor

Sanjeev Choithani is a Rehabilitation Psychologist and Counselor with Inner Space, a mental health centre that provides both online and offline counseling and psychotherapy, mindfulness based programs for groups and trainings for nonprofits and Corporate Organizations.

Sanjeev speaks English & Hindi.

Fee for therapy with Sanjeev is INR 3050/- (inclusive of 18% GST) or 75 USD.


  • B.A (Psychology) Mumbai University, 1990
  • M.B.A (Jamanalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies), 1996
  • PG. Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology (RCI Regn number A-36710), 2014
  • P.G Certification in Advanced Counseling (Prafulta, Mumbai), 2020.


  • Sanjeev Choithani, 52, is a Corporate veteran who has worked 27 years across multiple Corporate Organizations, including ICICI Bank and Jones Lang LaSalle at Senior levels, and gave up his corporate career in 2018 to pursue his calling and passion, i.e. Counseling.
  • He also volunteers as a Counselor at St Michael’s Church and YMCA, and handles issues ranging from Family discord, Substance addiction, Grief, Depression, Trauma, Anger & Anxiety Management, Relationship / Marital Conflicts to Corporate Issues like Job Dissatisfaction, Career Expectations Management, Team Dynamics, Stress & Conflict Management, Managing Seniors and Colleagues at workplace, etc.
  • He works with Individuals and Couples.
Sanjeev Choithani
Sanjeev ChoithaniPsychologist
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"His technique is to guide us to see the picture and the road ahead, on our own, rather than impose his views. He is a good, patient counselor." -V.S
Sanjeev Choithani
Sanjeev ChoithaniPsychologist
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It has been a great experience for me talking to Sanjeev as he has helped understand my issues better and allowed me to deal with my emotions more effectively. He has taught me how to be mindful of the thoughts going on and to control my reaction to it. He is very understanding and supportive and definitely has been very helpful to me. -J.G
Sanjeev Choithani
Sanjeev ChoithaniPsychologist
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I'm taking marital counseling sessions with Sanjeev. I wanted to share my feedback with you. We have completed 5 sessions till now and I have already started observing some positive results. As a counselor I really like the way Sanjeev conducts the sessions. He makes us feel really comfortable. I will surely recommend him and inner space to anyone who needs marital counseling. -P.S

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