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Mental Health
Starter Kit

What is the Mental Health Starter Kit?

Our team has curated a handy resource kit for you to better take care of your mental health and lead a more satisfied life. This is a one of a kind mental health starter kit as it is accessible, great for your well-being and completely FREE! 



Free mental health starter kit
mental health

How To Go Through The Mental Health Starter Kit?

The mental health starter kit takes you through a 3 week journey of practising mindfulness. It takes you through several important aspects of mindfulness intervention like paying attention, focusing on the present moment, becoming more compassionate and having a non-judging attitude towards life. 

The kit outlines how to practice 3 sets of meditation: Breathing meditation, Mountain Meditation and Metta Meditation to bring awareness into your life. You can practice each of these meditations for a span of 1 week before moving to the next or you can practice a different meditation everyday for the next 3 weeks. 

What Does The Mental Health Starter Kit Include?

The Mental Health Starter Kit includes all the resources you need to practice mindfulness with utmost details and scientific research. 

Practicing mindfulness regularly has shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  It also helps to enhance resilience, focus & memory. It helps to boost immune functioning and people reported feeling calmer, cheerful and experience greater sense of life satisfaction. 

So begin your journey of mindfulness now with this one stop mental health starter kit!

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