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Corporate Wellness Programs

The most effective mental health intervention is a preventive one.

While employees who are already stressed, anxious and facing burnout, need immediate help, the prevention of others from reaching there is equally if not more important. Keeping this in mind,  our corporate wellness programs are designed to create a mentally healthy organizational climate by addressing different levels of mental health intervention needed by your employees.

The key to good mental health is the ability to be emotionally resilient in the face of stressful changes. At Inner Space, we recognize this, and our corporate wellness offerings are designed to build emotional resilience, experientially, through an understanding of concepts and application of practices.

Our core approach to mental health and corporate wellness is completely adaptable and customizable to the emerging needs of your group or organization. We deliver our programs online and also in an onsite/ offsite setup. (Only Online During the COVID Crisis)

Building Emotional Resilience and Corporate Wellness Through Mindfulness

Resilience is a long-term goal that is achieved, when a person develops self-awareness and possesses tools to manage change and stress.

A resilient person is one who is able to face personal and professional environments, which come with their own unique de-stabilizing factors, without losing stability and bouncing back to being functional in lesser time.

Self-awareness is that most important faculty which develops resilience in our minds.

A Resilient Person Will:

  • Manage change and stress better
  • Be more emotionally balanced
  • Be able to handle conflict better
  • Have higher level of overall acceptance and experience joy
  • Be more motivated towards personal and professional growth

Clients of our Past Corporate Wellness Programs

Highlights Of Our
Corporate Wellness Approach

  • Based on years of psycho-therapeutic experience
  • Practical, evidence-based and neuroscience supported
  • Rooted in concepts and practices of cognitive and somatic psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness meditation-based

Our Signature Corporate Wellness Program: ER@Work

We have carefully devised a research-based approach toward helping build mindful organizations. It involves:

  • A pre and post assessment to divide individuals into high, medium and low need intervention according to the levels of stress and the ability to cope.
  • Practical sessions like online webinars and workshops to learn mindfulness concepts and practices.
  • Integrative tools like one on one counseling, coaching for leaders and training-the-trainers.
  • Material and methods that will help sustain the practice on a lon

medium Need Individuals

Group Sessions

Hand-holding individuals through a two-month group intervention aimed at establishing wellness and mental health.

Facilitated by a qualified therapist or mindfulness expert.

Sessions will have a mix of understanding concepts, active practice and high level of applicability

The focus will be to introduce general well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, and create emotional resilience.

High Need Individuals

High Need Individuals

One on One Sessions with a qualified counselor. The counselor will create a customized therapeutic plan as per the individual’s need.

low Need Individuals


Pre-recorded videos, audios, readings, and other guided material in order to help individuals go through their own personal work without facilitation. Space for self-help only.

This approach is available through our signature corporate wellness program ‘ER@Work’ or customizable 
according to the needs of your organization.

To contact us, write to us on or call on 9833985538.

Free Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

  • Learn the Philosophy of Mindfulness
  • Practice with Guided Meditation
  • Know more about the 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Learn to Handle Challenging Thoughts & Emotions

A workshop by our founder Sadia Saeed, Psychologist, Meditation Trainer & Author


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