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Begin A Mindfulness Practice

Begin A Mindfulness Practice

Simple Practices To Begin With

While mindfulness can be cultivated through formal meditation there are simple mindfulness practices that anyone can try on a daily basis that will make a difference. Some of these include:



When you are feeling wound up or tense, pay attention to your breathing

Start noticing actively when you feel relaxed, wound up, restless, nervous and so on. Just notice and simply bring your attention to your breath in that moment.


Try and pay close attention on a sensory level to what is going on around you

Simply tune in to the sounds you hear, the things you see, the smell or taste you experience in this moment. How does the temperature at this moment feel? Come back to what is happening around you now!


Connect with the physical sensations of your body

Experience how you feel within your body at this moment. Notice the energy, the movement that is ongoing within the body.


Listen carefully and with full attention

to your partner, child, colleague or the stranger talking to you in the train. Notice if you are distracted while talking to someone and gently bring your attention back to the conversation.


Use the stop signal of a traffic light as a reminder to notice your breathing

You can use other reminders that are a part of your routine too.


Notice the sensation of walking

Notice each step as you walk. Slow down. You could pay attention to the feet touching the ground as you move about your daily activities.


Use the stop signal of a traffic light as a reminder to notice your When doing a task focus on it fully

Turn off any distractions that are likely to take you away from the task.


Eat slowly, chew well

Experience the flavours and textures of food in your mouth. Listen to the body tell you when it is full.

Begin a meditation practice.

Start with ten minutes and increase the time as per your capacity to sit. The ideal time is put down to 20 minutes to an hour a day.

However beginning even with one minute of meditation is better than not beginning at all.

Wish you joy and stillness…


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