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Mountain Meditation

Mountain Meditation for Staying Steady during Stressful Times

Stress is really an overused word and yet it is a defining aspect of our current, modern life. When you are in the loop of stress and constant thoughts, it is easy to forget that the calm, stable, mountain-like, steadiness is also within you, at that very moment, co-existing with the stress response. You may …

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anxiety, mindfulness, meditation

Coping with Anxiety Using Mindfulness

Anxiety and coping with it consumes a lot of energy for many of us. If you are prone to anxiety, you know that it feels like a continuous buzz in the mind, with streams of thought about alarming situations, how they could be dreadful, how they can be prevented and what if you can’t prevent …

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social anxiety

Coping With Social Anxiety: The Fear Of Being Judged

Those who have social anxiety fear social situations. This fear could be felt in all social situations or it could be about a specific kind of social situation: public speaking, going to parties, attending meetings, talking to classmates or colleagues, making phone calls, eating in public, buying something from a store, etc. The anxiety experienced in these social situations is strongly connected to the fear of being judged negatively by others.

The Art of Listening

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