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Inner Space Turns 11! – Our One Most Important Learning About Mental Health

We turned 11 years old on the 26th of December! This time, we thought of sharing our one most important learning about mental health with you. This is the one thing that has stood out the most over all our work in the last 11 years. Working with this seemed to strengthen resilience of people …

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Inner Space Turns 9 – Reminiscing 2019!

Inner Space Turns 9 today, 26th December. As always, it is deeply satisfying and humbling to be a part of so many lives. We feel lucky and very grateful that we get to deeply share and process something very human with everyone we meet, over and over and over again, whether in a therapy session …

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Inner Space Turns 8!

Inner Space Turns 8! We turned 8 on the 26th of December, 2018! As always, we are excited and happy, more so because we have moved into a new office space! We feel deeply grateful towards everybody who has been with us on this journey, our clients, our therapists and staff, our readers, and whoever …

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2015 inner space


In the wake of our 5th Birthday and the New Year turning in, we find ourselves reflectively looking back at the work we have done in the year that has gone by. As we do that, we wish to share with you all about the ongoings at Inner Space for 2015. We deeply thank each one of you for being a part of Inner Space and showing your support.

Discovering happiness, even if you feel low


As December sets in, everything around you oozes of cheer, joy and happiness. Daily life seems to get a boost of excitement when you see that preparations for the celebrations have begun all around – be it Christmas, New Year’s or weddings. However, amidst all the December enthusiasm, there may be people who are feeling low, depressed and lonely.



This post is always my favorite post of the year because I ritually sit down with a nice cup of tea and I can indulge myself in reminiscing about all the wonderful people I saw in therapy, about their movement and growth, about all the work we put in as a team, the activities we did and all the articles we wrote thinking of all of you who read this space regularly.


Thank you for reading, encouraging, and supporting us all along this year.

We think about you a lot when we decide what to write.

In a typical brainstorming session we try to raise and answer questions like: what are people looking for, what problems they need help with, what psychological difficulties are fostered by our environments today, in these changing times…

a poem dedicated to ' therapist '


Inner Space turns three on the 26th of December 2013 and we also near the end of another year.

The year has been eventful, lots of action, work, an additional office, new associations, more therapists and so on. But amidst the enjoyable inertia of all this work and action, I want to remind myself and all the Inner Space therapists to not lose sight of why we started Inner Space…

The Art of Listening

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