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Valentine’s Day: Revisiting the concept of love

Revisiting the concept of love Over the years, the concept of soulmates has been smeared and airbrushed into unrealistic levels of love and companionship. Many of us find ourselves absorbing the idea of love by social media, listening to romantic songs, reading Mills & Boons, or watching cheesy mushy movies. This is what love has […]

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Ghosting in Relationships

“I was seeing someone I met online. We went on a few dates and things seemed to be going well. All of a sudden no calls, no texts. I never heard from her again” Sounds familiar? Hinge, Bumble, Truly Madly, Tinder and other dating apps now make it easy to quickly wade through choices of

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Happiness Blueprint

- Reduce Overthinking
- Manage Difficult Emotions
- Cravings Management

Take Control Of your Life and Emotions

A webinar by our founder Sadia Saeed, Psychologist and Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer.


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