5 minutes of silent meditaiton with the lamp


It’s that time of the year again when every building is dotted with lanterns, diyas and lights…and not to mention, when it’s okay to eat as many sweets as you want to!

Diwali is here! The festival of lights is a much loved one across ages and communities. No wonder then that no exchange in these 3-4 days would be complete without “Happy Diwali” 🙂

Apart from the festivities and fire crackers, there is a deeper meaning that Diwali would hold for each of you. To some it would mean hope, whereas for some, joy.

For Diwali, we at Inner Space decided to come together and share with you what Diwali means to each of us in the team. Penning this down was a soothing experience and helped each of us connect with what Diwali truly meant to us.