Yashwi Gupta – Counsellor and Psychologist

The world we live in today is a complex ecosystem that on one hand has created endless opportunities and possibilities, and on the other hand has shrouded societies with inhibitions. Depression, addiction, alcohol abuse, anxiety disorder, identity crisis and relationship problems have become quite common place in society. Yashwi helps people dealing with such problems by normalizing the notion of therapy and making it easily accessible to everybody. Her goal is to detach the stigma related to mental illness and nurture & heal minds so that every individual dwells in positivity and confidence. She has a penchant for dealing with people suffering from anxiety disorders and mood disorders. She works with teenagers, young adults and the adult population. For her, therapy is not only a mode through which people see a reduction in their symptoms but also build on themselves by enhancing their confidence level, self-esteem and feeling comfortable in their own skin and choices. Yashwi’s approach to therapy is dominated by the many CBT and humanistic techniques combined with mindfulness practices.


  • With over 2 years of experience, Yashwi has worked with the adult clinical population suffering from schizophrenia, addiction, OCD, depression, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.
  • She worked as an assistant clinical psychologist for 11 months in the in-patient department of Samyak Rehabilitation and De-Addiction canter, Pune.
  • She has taken an active role in training a team of psychology interns.
  • Yashwi has conducted several workshops on topics related to clinical psychology and psychotherapeutic practices.
  • Yashwi has also worked with an counselling service called Online Counselling4u for 10 months.
  • She has worked with clients presenting problems with relationships, marital discord, loss, career related confusions, work burn out, stress and helping with personality enhancement.
  • Yashwi believes in self-growth through self-work and uses several motivational and behaviour activating strategies to help a client reach their full potential and goals.
  • Yashwi also has a private practice which aims to promote healthy discussions and awareness about mental health and the field of psychology.
  • Along with practicing, she has a keen interest in research and has explored the field of anxiety related disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trichotillomania.
  • Yashwi was a part of the organizing committee of ‘Kalakriti’, a fest organized by Loreto College, to encourage and empower differently abled children in Kolkata.


1) Bachelor of Science: Psychology (Honours) from University Of Calcutta – Kolkata. Graduated with a first class Honours degree. Worked on a clinical review – A Review of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) which critically evaluating the aetiology, prevalence, comorbidity, treatment of PTSD, and the relevance of PTSD today.

2) Certification: Comprehensive Introduction To Research Methodology University Of Amsterdam. Learnt the key aspects of conducting a research and the application of statistical software SPSS.

3) Master of Science: Psychological Science University Of Glasgow.  Graduated with ‘Merit Specialization in Clinical Psychology’. MSc Dissertation- An Investigation of the Relationship between Impulsivity and Trichotillomania- Created a data base of people suffering from Trichotillomania(TTM). Found a statistically significant relationship between impulsivity and TTM. This was the first paper elaborating and finding a relationship between the two constructs.

4) Trained in CBT and Grief Therapy