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Therapy with Children


Children go through their own struggles to cope with stress. Emotional difficulties resulting from poor self esteem, anxiety and sadness are common. Social and interpersonal difficulties are also often present. Occasionally, their inability to cope with their emotional uneasiness leads to behaviour problems that can be seen in the home or the school set-up. These difficulties may also reflect in poor academic performance.

All the above difficulties can be addressed through therapy undertaken with both parent and child. At Inner Space we have devised a special holistic therapy model. This model is addresses not only the immediate problem, but aims to instill a perspective of wellness and happiness that raises self-esteem and leads to better adjustment in case of potential future difficulties. This includes:

Individual sessions with the child: These are one-on-one sessions, with the child, focusing on the emotional-behavioural difficulties. These involve primarily play therapy, REBT and other therapies as applicable.

Individual sessions with the parents: These are one-on-one sessions, with the parents, focusing on parental difficulties, explaining the nature of the child’s difficulties and suggesting possible parental behavior and environmental changes.

Workshops for the parents: These workshops involve simplifying behavioural and cognitive concepts, which are an integral part of parenting. They also provide easy, step-by-step solutions and real-time examples to address problem areas and help improve the parent-child relationship. Some of the workshops we encourage parents to attend include: Positive Parenting, Making Behaviour Change Easier: Simplification of Behaviour Modification Techniques, Communicating Better: Workshop on Parent Communication Skills

Group sessions with the child: These therapy sessions are usually with a specific group of several children, focusing on common difficulties faced. These sessions/workshops are divided according to age-groups. Some examples of areas that the group sessions deal with are: Self esteem, Social Skills and Adolescent Identity group work

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