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Importance of sex and intimacy in relationships

Embracing Sex In Relationships

In a relationship, sex and physical intimacy play an important role and over the years, it has come to a place where both men and women desire sex. Studies have repeatedly linked sexual satisfaction to overall relationship satisfaction. However, many of us still feel uncomfortable exploring sex in relationships or even talking about it; we tend to put it on the backburner. In this article, we talk about why we shy away from sex, the importance of sex in relationships and how we can accept and embrace our needs and desires.

Discovering happiness, even if you feel low


As December sets in, everything around you oozes of cheer, joy and happiness. Daily life seems to get a boost of excitement when you see that preparations for the celebrations have begun all around – be it Christmas, New Year’s or weddings. However, amidst all the December enthusiasm, there may be people who are feeling low, depressed and lonely.

Heavy Workload? How To Rest In A Busy Day?

A heavy workload and numerous deadlines would easily be one of the most stressful things about work. We live in an environment that demands quite a bit out of us and our ability. If you enjoy working to your fullest and find meaning in the work you do, then things are working out well for you. However, if you feel like work is hitting you even before you know it, and are caught up and pressurized, be assured, there are many others in the same boat! Well, sometimes, you cannot directly change the fact that you have a whole lot to do. However, you can, with gentle effort, try and make this just a little easier on yourself. We put up a post earlier that described 3 guidelines that would help you plan and anticipate your day better, to deal with a heavy workload.

The Art of Listening

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