Sakshi Hiremath – Counsellor and Psychologist


Sakshi works with young adults, children and teenagers at Inner Space. She believes that therapy allows a person to explore their problem in a safe and confidential environment without any judgement from the therapist. Sakshi also works to provide empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard to people while they work through their difficulties.


  • In her capacity as a psychologist, Sakshi believes in the Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, approaches to best meet the needs of each client. Her aim is to support and be there for her client’s through the therapy process, while guiding them wherever needed. In addition to the traditional therapy approaches, Sakshi is also a firm
    believer in using alternative therapies such as Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques.
  • Sakshi has also worked closely with young adults and children in her school and NGOs, being a mentor for them and holding space for them and their parents while undergoing therapy.
  • She is also extensively trained to administer various psychological and personality assessments to both adults and children.
  • In addition to this, Sakshi has provided counselling and psychotherapy to young adults and children suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and relationship concerns along with other emotional and behavioral concerns.


  • Sakshi has completed her graduation in Psychology from Mumbai University and her MSc in Counselling Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.
  • She has also completed professional certifications in Child Psychology and various therapies like REBT, CBT and EFT.