Premarital Counseling

Through premarital counseling, we work with couples in individual and joint sessions in order to explore their expectations of themselves and of each other and also on any existing conflict.

What Is the focus of Premarital Counseling?

Understanding yourself and your partner better. 

Marrying somebody we have not spent time with is often extremely anxiety-provoking. If the partners have known each other and been in a relationship, this anxiety is largely alleviated. In both cases, there could be aspects of ourselves or our partners that we have not explored before and that often surface only in a relationship as close as a marital one. Psychometric instruments are used in addition to regular counseling in order to gain an objective understanding of both partners’ personalities.

Gaining insight about personality differences. 

Marriage could make both strengths and weaknesses of the partners more conspicuous. Therefore, we aim to provide the couple with a complete understanding of their personality-fit, where they are compatible, what situations could pose as a challenge to them and how to deal with such situations. Such an understanding, coupled with enhanced communication skills and coping strategies serves to prevent and reduce the intensity of conflict.


Building realistic expectations out of marriage. 

The happiness of an impending marriage often prompts us to see it through rose-tinted glasses. This only adds to distress when our expectations are not fulfilled. On the other hand, increased anxiety may lead to a negativistic view of marriage. In both cases, a realistic appraisal of marriage with its share of added fulfillment as well as responsibility is necessary and therefore is a key focus area.

Dealing with change

Through pre-marital counseling, we help the couple express how they feel about the sea-change that marriage brings in. The couple is empowered to deal with impending changes in environment and lifestyle.

Hence, though the process of pre-marital counseling leads to a healthier relationship between the couple, it also helps to enhance the resilience of both the individuals.

Marriage is a milestone that needs to be handled with utmost care and sensitivity and could be anxiety-provoking. At Inner Space, we recognize this and strive to help you as you embark on a new journey.

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