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Why Mindfulness at Work?

Mindfulness is the practice of staying in the present. It is deeply rooted in the technique of meditation. Mindfulness also helps to cultivate self-awareness and compassion. You can read more about mindfulness here. Mindful organizations represent workplaces that embrace mindfulness as a part of daily work life. Such a workplace is productive, resilient, and has a happy workforce.

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Corporate Clients of our Past Mindfulness Programs

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Our Training Method to practice
Mindfulness at Work

mindfulness trainings
  • Our training consists of a combination of best practices and concepts from the fields of psychotherapy, mindfulness and Indian philosophy.
  • It is customized to your organization’s needs in terms of depth, time, duration and group type and size.
  • It is conducted online, in office premises and at outside locations in the form of retreats or intensives.
  • The practical training is supplemented by mindfulness tools provided post training that ensure long term benefits.

Our Mindfulness Training Tools

  • Webinars/In-person sessions
  • Live guided meditation
  • Pre recorded videos on concepts and practices ( part of longer courses)
  • Guided audio meditations
  • Reading Materials- eBook, support content and other resources
  • FAQs
mindfulness at work

Our Core Mindfulness based Programs
for Companies

  • Introduction of fundamental concepts of mindfulness, emotional resilience and wellness.
  • Developing awareness towards thoughts and feelings and practicing non-judgment and compassion.
  • Practices to stay aware and present during difficult situations.

(1 to 2 sessions-delivered for the entire business/team)

  • Three webinars of 1 hour and 30 minutes each spread over the period of 3 weeks. Each webinar will be on a different topic related to emotional resilience, personal wellness, mental health and will have the ideas and concepts of mindfulness at its core.
  • Different guided meditation practices will be delivered following every webinar.
  • Reading material on the discussed topic and mindfulness practices for the week will be sent to every participant through email as support material.
  • Longer guided meditations will be made accessible online for participants so that they can deepen their mindfulness practice over a period of time.
  • Participants will be provided with an email id where they could direct their questions. The top 5 questions from each week will be answered in such a way that all participants of the specific webinar have access to the answers.
  • This is a completely automated course with pre-recorded sessions. Identical to the Eight Week Mindful Wellness course, this is without live facilitation and based on principles of self learning.
  • Pre-recorded lectures, guided meditations and informal mindfulness practices will be delivered to the participants every week over the period of eight weeks.
  • Larger groups of people can go through this course simultaneously. Add on optional live webinars can be taken for the organization to help apply the learnings of the course to daily life.
  • This program involves several modules created for the company leadership on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, focus, staying present during conflict, reducing reactivity and increasing compassion.
  • Modules focus on developing 3 research based meta capacities that are core to successful leadership, that are, meta-cognition, allowing, curiosity.
  • All modules are a combination of concepts, in session practice, post session regular practice and application to active work and leadership situations.

Importance of strengthening leadership:

  • Change begins at the top.
  • A resilient leader fosters growth.
  • An organization’s progress depends on leadership.
  • Global changes demand leadership styles to adapt.
  • Leaders are main change agents.
  • Mindful Leaders lead with wisdom and gentleness.
  • This is a practice intensive, habit forming, perspective altering program for individuals interested in real change. Program highlights include an opportunity to share personal journeys with the trainer and group, ask questions in real time and application of practice to specific personal difficulties.
  • Participants will be divided into batches of 20 to 25 for individualized attention.
  • Learning in closed groups will encourage employees to practice mindfulness as a team and learn from each other. This group also becomes an emotionally safe space for exchange of deeper feelings.
  • The 8-week program will include weekly pre-recorded videos, guided meditations and support content as well as weekly live webinar, delivered by a senior mindfulness trainer.

  • A champion team will be trained to create sustained well-being in the organization. (The team will be identified by the organization )
  • The team will undergo several immersive modules of self-awareness and mindfulness at work training. Initial Modules will focus on personal practice and change.
  • Final modules will focus on bringing the learnings to the organization and co-creating possible organizational interventions that will help sustain the learning from the webinars.
  • Training materials and audio recordings will be made available to the trainers to help them with basic mindfulness training.
  • There will also be a module for mindful listening for the trainers where the focus will be on creating emotionally safe spaces in the organization where feelings can be shared freely and met with no judgment.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness at Work

Multiple studies have shown that mindfulness has a significant positive impact on the organization. Neuroscientific research has also proven several benefits for the individual.



mindfulness workshops for organisations

Creates Collaborative Culture

• Improves emotional intelligence
• Facilitates transition from an adversarial to a collaborative mindset
• Enhances employee/employer and client relationships
• Reduces conflict in the workplace
• Leads to a positive change in company culture

mindfulness improves productivity

Improves Organizational Productivity

• Reduces absenteeism
• Improves employer’s and employee’s productivity
• Helps in better strategic planning and decision making skills
• Positively relates to overall employee performance

mindfulness facilitates self enhancement

Facilitates Self Enhancement

• Increases creativity
• Heightens self-awareness
• Decreases stress and stress related illness
• Enhances value focus
• Improves problem solving, thinking and decision making ability

Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Our Programs are based on

Paying Attention

  • Focus on emotions and thoughts
  • Awareness of bodily sensations

Purposefully Being There

  • Develop a nonjudgmental attitude
  • Practice to stay with situations


  • Developing Trust
  • Cultivating Compassion for self and others

Understanding the Science

  • Understand the neuroscientific basis of mindfulness
  • Mind-body connection and neuroplasticity
  • The neural network of attention

Here's what our Clients have to say

Sadia Saeed

About the Program Director

Sadia Saeed is the founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space Counseling Centre and has been working in the field of psychotherapy for 20 years. She has been an avid practitioner of mindfulness and meditation for the last 12 years and has been conducting meditation retreats, talks and workshops for the past 5 years. She has integrated mindfulness as a key ingredient in her psychotherapeutic practice. She has undergone mindfulness training from both Indian and Western perspectives. She has attended Vipassana courses and other mindfulness meditation retreats in different parts of India. She has also completed her basic MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course founded by John Kabat-Zinn. In addition, she has attended the course on Mindfulness and the Brain by Rick Hanson in Australia, involving both his key projects, ‘Buddha’s Brain’ and ‘Hardwiring Happiness’, based on the neuroscientific understanding of mindfulness.

Know more about Sadia.

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