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A lot of people that I have met recently seem to be caught in the classic rescuer complex. They live for others, their happiness, their needs, their wishes – the self is nowhere in the picture. You live for your parents, your spouse, your children, the community, even pets – absolutely anything that is external could be a worthy candidate. What about yourself, aren’t you worthy of your own love?



We suffer for stressful events that occur in our own lives and probably in the lives of those whom we love. However, can we also suffer intensely for painful events that occur in the lives of unknown people living miles away from us? The answer, though unexpected, is a definite yes.


Inner Space officially started on the 26th of December 2010-with prayers. A small, family and friends, get together cum prayer meeting was held to make the occasion meaningful. Each person present was required to read a prayer that inspired or touched them. It was an attempt to express what prayer meant to each of us within the context of wisdom of several faiths. Passages were quoted from the Bible, the Quran and the Upanishads. Some people read prayers they had written and others quoted spiritual poetry. Some interesting readings have been put down here:

the beginning


It’s always uneasily wonderful to start a new journey, a new practice, settle in a new place or start a new blog. ‘New’ is delicate, adventurous, beautiful, thrilling and uncertain. With me, as luck would have it, the uneasiness of starting to write the first post on this website was largely allayed and I could enjoy just the thrill of what was wonderful.

I owe this mainly to something I was reading a few months ago…

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