Family Counseling

At Inner Spacefamily counseling involves working therapeutically with several members of a family, using individual and joint sessions when the problem requires participation of many.

What Is the focus of family counseling?

Through family counseling, we aim to aid the family in the following ways:

Understanding the Root of Family Conflicts

Conflicts in the family are very distressing. Often, we are unable to truly understand why these conflicts occur. It is difficult to get complete insight into what is causing repetitive issues in the family. Reasons could be many, ranging from negative life experiences, emotional hurt, unhealthy thought patterns and negative ways of communication. Working with a trained psychotherapist helps individuals see the situation more objectively and identify what factors are leading to troubled relationships within the family.

Conflict resolution and Problem-Solving

Understanding the root of conflict opens up ways to repair relationships. However angry or hurt we may be at our family members, deep down we all crave for peace and an affectionate family environment. Through therapy, we help family members understand each other better and understand oneself better too. We also help each family member to develop more effective ways of addressing issues. This journey requires a readiness to work through one’s long-standing negative thought and behavior patterns from each family member.


Maintaining a Positive Family Environment

We help people find ways in which family peace, once created can be maintained, and relationships are further strengthened. Individuals are helped to function in a way which is positive and beneficial and hence agreeable for every member of the family in the long run.

A happy family has happy people. Hence, here again, a lot of therapeutic work in family counseling may involve individual growth and development of different members of the family in individual, one-to-one sessions.

Our family is often our biggest strength and our strongest support system. Disharmony between family member can create a distressing home environment. Such an environment is disturbing, unhealthy and at times even toxic for all family members and especially the impressionable children. Family counseling can aid in fostering healthy relations.

104 thoughts on “Family Counseling”

  1. Please let me know the procedure for family counseling (4 members of family)) and fee structure.

  2. I need help in resolving issues between my wife & my parents. Send me the process & charges for the same along with your contact details.

  3. Hi Carlton,

    Thank you for writing to us.
    We can only imagine how tough it might be for you and your family to cope up with such situations. We wish you well.

    We have emailed you details as requested.

    Have a great day!

    Warm regards,
    The Mindful Spring Team

  4. Carlton Palande

    Dear Inner Space team,
    There are certain family issues at my home. frequent conflicts tend to occur. Married last year. frequent fights with my mother. Also the way she often speaks is certainly unpleasant and tough to hear though. due to which the friction arises. secondly she is been going through lot of negative thoughts and to live with those thoughts for eg. pre assumptions about something or someone and visualizing some scene which really do not exist. My wife too is disappointed with this behaviour. this has not started after marriage but is been happening since years now. My mothers over possession abt me too is annoying at times.I need someone to help her understand that what she thinks isnt always true or right approach… request your help

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