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A lot of people that I have met recently seem to be caught in the classic rescuer complex. They live for others, their happiness, their needs, their wishes – the self is nowhere in the picture. You live for your parents, your spouse, your children, the community, even pets – absolutely anything that is external could be a worthy candidate. What about yourself, aren’t you worthy of your own love?

the beginning


It’s always uneasily wonderful to start a new journey, a new practice, settle in a new place or start a new blog. ‘New’ is delicate, adventurous, beautiful, thrilling and uncertain. With me, as luck would have it, the uneasiness of starting to write the first post on this website was largely allayed and I could enjoy just the thrill of what was wonderful.

I owe this mainly to something I was reading a few months ago…

The Art of Listening

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