The piece that follows is to put in focus the crucial elements that have given me direction in life, and motivated me to undertake a defined area of study as a career choice. Given the social landscape in which an individual is situated and grows, I can only touch upon the brief essentials of certain aspects.

I finished my high school from Chicago, U.S.A. where I was first introduced to Psychology. That as the base, I set foot in the capital city of India where I completed my under graduation and post graduation in Psychology (H) and then Clinical Psychology. During this time, I also went through certain certified courses in Art/Play Therapy, Rehabilitation Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis and more. After which I was so engrossed in the subject and its intricacies that I wanted to learn, read and master everything in this field. I then went on to do double masters in Addictive Behavior from U.K.

I have written/presented various papers on ‘Mental Retardation and their Maladaptive Sexual Behaviour at the 2nd National Conference on ‘Mental Health Challenges 2020 – A Vision for the Future, 2006. Published in Indian Journal of Social Sciences and Organizational Behaviour, “Impact of Child Sexual Abuse in the functioning of an individual” and onEffects of experimental manipulation of risk-taking on motivation to drink, among social drinkers”.

My initial career started off in 2004, at the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre and then at The Hope Foundation. In these places, I worked with addictions, relapse prevention, CBT, 12 steps, marital/group therapy, psychodrama and more. As I was working in these places I came across a variety of cases which gave me an insight into the field and an inclination to do more. Around 2007, I worked with Illumenta Corporation which dealt with VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy). It is a technology driven therapy with real life exposures for issues such as social phobia, addictions and more.

Briefly, I was a visiting psychologist for the Channel Meow, Delhi. In 2010, I started teaching/assisting in the Dept. of Psychology, University of Liverpool, Uk. Also, I have conducted few workshops on Leadership, motivation, women related issues, work – life balance, pre/post natal trauma etc.

I love travelling to new and exciting places which gives me a sense of belonging and also a sense of adventure and hopefulness. While travelling, I love reading a good book and sometimes enjoy few trashy novels also. Yoga and swimming are few of the things I enjoy doing on a regular basis.

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