Mindfulness is the larger umbrella and Meditation is the practice that helps you be mindful. Mindfulness is being present to life as it comes to you, with acceptance and without judgment. Being mindful is learning to watch things for what they really are without trying to change, solve or fix them. It is a way of approaching life that most of us are not really used to. We are used to solving and fixing problems that occur in our lives and holding on to the joys that come. And while we do all of this to be happier, approaching our joys and sorrows in this manner actually keeps us chronically dissatisfied. As our Chief Psychologist and facilitator of our meditation programs, Sadia puts it:

Being human is not easy. And our fast paced world doesn’t seem to improve the situation. Trying to just deal with our lives, we are accosted with situations and confronted with thoughts and emotions that we find difficult to face. At such times we relapse back into habitual modes and patterns of thinking and behaving that we already know are not helping us and at times even harming us. What then can we do? Centering ourselves through mindfulness can be extremely useful. Instead of struggling to solve, as we always do, if we understand the way our minds and bodies work, we can help ourselves a great deal with just focusing, staying with the feeling, watching our reactions and settling down. But it is a way of life, we have to learn and we have to practice.”

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Meditation is a practice that focuses on deeply connecting with your mind. It is a way to settle down enough to actually experience the workings of your mind and to gain insights. It is only when we can sit quietly attempting to concentrate the mind that we can observe how it actually works.

Our Mindfulness and Meditation Programs

We conduct various workshops and classes based on mindfulness and meditation. These encourage being present as a way to live more fully and meaningfully. These are described below. Please click on the links to know about them in detail.

Our Mindfulness Meditation Programs

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 

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An 8 Week Course in Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Course

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