Working With Presence

                                             A Mindfulness Program for Organisations

Our mindfulness at work program, “Working with Presence” is intended to equip your employees with strategies to help them deal with work stress, parenting, relationships and overall stress of life that impacts their physical and mental health.

                           Main Features of the Mindfulness at Work Program


  • Based on brain science and solid neuroscience research
  • Interactive with experiential exercises and techniques
  •  Aimed at long-term self help
  • Leads to better management of thought, behaviour and emotions
  • Develops awareness of stress when it starts to build rather than when it damages
Group mindfulness meditation


                                 Benefits of the Mindfulness Program




Benefits to the Individual

Mindfulness at work enables individuals to feel more in touch with themselves amidst the environmental chaos and stress i.e. to feel more well and centered. Being centered means being able to connect with one’s core-to that space within that is steady and is not too affected by the ups and downs of emotions and stressful situations. It is a place one can return to in order to maintain balance and focus.
Our Mindfulness Program is designed to be an effective tool for managing daily personal and work-life stress. The exercises and understanding imparted in the program help individuals to work with situations and stressors they cannot change and help create a new relationship with these stressors by increasing acceptance and tolerance
Mindfulness practices help an individual to be less judgmental and evaluative thereby improving both personal and work relationships.
Physical illnesses like high blood pressure, cardiac illness and diabetes and mental illnesses like depression and acute anxiety are more common today than ever before.Our Mindfulness Program for organizations focuses on the phenomenon of being mindfully embodied. Neurological research and studies have shown this to be an effective way of dealing with both physical and mental health concerns.
Studies have shown that mindfulness practice energizes parts of the brain that are involved in learning and memory. Improved attention span, less distractedness and clearer thinking ability are byproducts of this energized cognitive functioning.
People who adopt mindfulness practices as a part of life find it easier to deal with their emotions. Overwhelming emotions and the resulting reactions are at the core of most intrapersonal and interpersonal difficulties. Our mindfulness program trains individuals to understand and perceive their emotions in a new context that increases their acceptance and improves their ability to cope and deal with negative emotions




Benefits to the Organization

Every organization knows that physically and mentally healthy employees are motivated, better at self-management and the foundation of a robust organization.
Mindfulness can improve decision making skills by providing more mental clarity and reducing the impact of emotional overwhelm. This opens up the capacity for initiative taking and leadership.
The practice of mindfulness helps people find their own footing in a team. It helps people to get less judgmental of themselves and others thereby leading to more team co-operation and better team dynamics.
Deadlines and resultant pressure are an inevitable reality of work. Practicing mindfulness at work helps cope with the pressure without getting overwhelmed by stress or other difficult emotions
Since the mindfulness at work program is aimed at freeing up mental clutter, it opens up space in an individual to be more focused and concentrating on the job at hand. It enables people to enjoy what they do and stay motivated.


                                            What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a beautiful practice that helps people fully attend to and stay with the present moment. Through mindfulness practices such as aligning to the present moment, focusing on breath and staying with emotions, people are trained to develop a greater connection to what is happening in the present thereby changing the way they relate to stressors in their life.

The practices and exercises taught during this mindfulness at work program are such that employees can make them a part of daily living. This will help mindfulness find its way into more and more aspects of their lives thereby deepening its effectiveness.

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Read on to see how mindfulness can be customized for your workplace

                                  Why Mindfulness for Organisations?

Developing this program became almost inevitable for us as we witnessed the corporate working population highly stressed. Some of the common difficulties with which people approach us at our center are:

  • Finding difficulty in establishing a work-life balance
  • Suffering from difficulties in interpersonal relationships at work
  • Difficulty in managing marital, romantic and family relationships
  • Presence of stress related physical ailments
  • Emotional lows and unstable mood
  • Anger management issues

We believe a company is only as healthy as its employees. A chaotic, stressed lifestyle with numerous small and big hassles is what largely describes the life of the urban working population.

Recent research shows that it is not only the big difficulties in life that make people prone to nervous breakdowns but in fact the numerous small piles of things to do, irritants, arguments, uncooperative colleagues, failing plans, temporary deadlines, that actually reflect in more edginess, restlessness and distractedness all of which are the manifestations of systemic stress.

Here are some alarming statistics!


                                                Stress Statistics in Corporate India

of CEOS stressed according to Assocham Business Barometer Survey
of corporate employees feel unproductive and cry regularly according to a study by WHO
wish they had someone to share their lows with according to a Survey by Cadbury India
of techies in Bangalore suffer from Psychiatric disorders says a Study by NIMHANS


Further studies find Depression to be the number one occupational disease of the 21st century.  Indian women are the most stressed women on earth, says another survey.


                              How Stressed Are People In Your Organisation?

Stress is no longer just a buzzword in the office of the mental health professional, its a burgeoning reality.

Are you suffering from chronic stress? What about your colleagues? Find out by filling a 5 minute questionnaire that we have created based on symptoms we see in the corporate population that visits us. You can share this questionnaire with your team or colleagues to get an idea of their stress levels.

                        Mindfulness Customized to Your Workplace’s Needs

Whether you are a small organisation consisting of a few people or a big organisation consisting of thousands of people, we can help to introduce your employees to this beautiful and effective practice of mindfulness.

Apart from basic mindfulness programs, mindfulness can also be introduced for special populations in your organizations with special focus on:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Team Cooperation
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Mindful Relationships


Mindfulness Weekend Retreat for Organizations
mindfuness support for organizations

1 Day Program

This day long program will focus on:

  • Introducing the practice of mindfulness in everyday life
  • Internalizing the practice through mindfulness exercises
  • Understanding the science behind mindfulness and meditation
  • Learning Meditation
  • Using lunch and coffee breaks to internalize the practice

Weekend Retreat

This Weekend Retreat will involve:

  • The entire schedule of the 1 Day program
  • Role of body in mindfulness and relationship to physical health
  • Dealing with difficult emotions mindfully
  • Mindfulness of thoughts
  • Part of this retreat will be conducted in complete silence in order to internalize the practice of mindfulness

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support to the organization includes:

  • Establishment of a long term mindfulness program in the organization
  • Multiple day long and weekend programs
  • Establishing teams within the organization and regular follow-up and guidance to the teams to ensure regular mindfulness practice
  • Assessment of changes pre-program and post program


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