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Inner Space and Mindful Spring welcome you to Level 1 Mindfulness Meditation Workshop. It is an opportunity to not only learn meditation and begin a practice but also to understand the science behind it.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I know I need to slow down and de-stress but I’m not sure I can meditate!

This workshop is aimed at helping you with exactly that- Creating a step by step process to help keep up a meditative practice. It helps you start a practice with as little as you can manage and lays out steps for future practice.

What can you expect from the workshop?

Day 1: 

  • Understanding the concepts of mindfulness and meditation
  • Discovering the science behind meditation
  • Learning to meditate
  • Meditating on the breath

Day 2:

  • Knowing the role of the body in dealing with emotions
  • Connecting meditatively to the body
  • Learning to work with difficulty emotions mindfully
  • Practicing mindfulness of emotions

To pay for this workshop, simply click here:

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