The groundwork for becoming what we do is laid in our childhood, and the rest unfolds.

I’m a practising Psychotherapist following a psychodynamic, somatic and mindfulness approach with an experience of over 11 years (since Feb 2006).


‘Methodical yet intuitive and full of appreciation’ – this summation has dominated my learning and does till date. I’ve been born and brought up in Mumbai and schooling has been through Lady Vissanji Girls’ Academy. To share a bit, I was never great at taking exams but as each one is compensated, I was blessed with the ability to seek depth in every subject I fancied. Post schooling, I chose Arts stream and graduated from Mithibai College (Chauhan College of Arts), Psychology majors, in 2003. I found Counseling Psychology in facilitating change of immense value. Plans to pursue Masters from the same University were thwarted due to a lackluster marksheet: a boon in disguise.

A rigorous experiential training for becoming a Psychotherapist & Counselor came as my unseen benevolent vehicle that I completed from Institute of Psychotherapy & Management Sciences (IPMS) in 2007. This took me even closer to my aspirations than what I had originally planned. Here I had the fortune to be taught by some truly good teachers. I completed my Masters in Psychology from Chennai University, in 2006. The most recent training completed is in ISP (Integral Somatic Psychology)- it’s been of supreme value in working with anxiety and trauma, led and taught by Dr. Raja Selvam founder of Trauma Vidya (California) in conjunction with Don Bosco (Mumbai) by Mimansa Popat in Feb 2016.

My training & education deepened with my own personal therapy from early 2004 to early 2006; Personal therapy was a chosen elective to gain clarity within, before sitting across clients- It helps experience diverse states encompassing discomfort and anxiety that a client would face as well, making us appreciative of the client’s journey. Follow up sessions, case discussions and resource counseling with Sadia Raval, Mimansa Popat, Inner Space colleagues, Dr. Devendra Save and most importantly Psychologist Natasha Nair, continue from time to time to deepen my knowledge base and appreciate life even further.


Work has brought a lot of surprises, associations and even tutelages. The basket has been eclectic- school children, NGO’s, private practice, college students, families, etc. Through my internship in GNMS School at Chakala in 2004, I had the privilege and exposure to absorb the psycho-socio dynamics at play. I proceeded to work in a group called INpsyGHT and through it worked on project basis, conducting group therapy with Anjuman-E-Islam schools at V.T., workshops for training Counselors, Career Decision making, etc. A small Private Practice catering to children and adults had already started. I have grown with them. School phobia, relationship issues faced by teens, youth and adults, middle-aged adults going through career change, etc. were the kind of cases I started out with. Today, it is extended to individuals seeking relief and change from day to day stress, indecisions, addictions, painful anxieties and depression. In 2009 I worked as a Senior Counselor at Touching Lives, an NGO catering to slum communities and education.

These experiences remain priceless and the children and volunteers from Touching lives have stayed in touch rekindling fond memories. A Teacher’s Training Program for a village school in Mayurbhanj (Orissa) became one of my most treasured experiences, where I received as much as I imparted, a rare and wonderful exchange of ideas and information especially when it comes to Real priorities in life. Along with my Practice, I moved on to working with college students, families and faculty at Don Bosco Colleges (DBCL, Kurla) (2011 Nov-2013 April) along with briefly associating with ‘Enablers’ (Mr. Narendra Kinger & his team) and ‘Ascent’ (Dr. Ambrish Bhatt) from time to time. After a wonderful chance encounter with the extremely perceptive and unassuming Clinical Psychologist Sadia Saeed on Dr. Shetty’s online counselor group, the enriching meeting transformed in an alliance to impart therapy to a larger group of people through ‘Inner Space’ since June 2012. Currently, I’m a part of the Inner Space family, have a small private practice and consult with corporate organisations in capacity of a Psychotherapist.

Through Inner Space I’ve worked with adults- individuals, couples and families, using Talk, Body Psychotherapy, Art and Meditation.


When I’m not working, and not learning more things within the field, I’m drawing, painting, cooking, reading fiction, catching up on meditating, enjoying the nature around, appreciating good old rock and world music, attempt (badly) at singing and watching lots of cinema 🙂

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